Here is a selection of paintings I have done over recent years (many of which can be purchased through

I welcome feedback, I have tried to give an insight on each piece.

'West Pier Brighton'
20" x16" x1"
I love Brighton!  I studied in Worthing and we regularly went into Brighton.  I love everything about the place, the atmosphere, vibe and colors.  It is still a place I love to visit and take my family.
When I painted this piece I wanted to capture the vibrant colors as well as the imposing shadow of the West Pier.  I moved to Sussex the year both piers suffered fires.  I wanted to capture the fiery glow in the rich sunset. 

'Dark Blooms'
8" x8"x 0.5"

This is different to my usual pieces as I wanted to go a close up floral study, but I also wanted to do something different.  I used thick, heavy acrylic strokes and pencils to create this piece.

'By the Roadside'
10" x8"x 1"

I have a friend who has been off travelling far off parts of the world over recent years.  He was lucky enough to spend some time in New Zealand and took some lovely photos just outside Queensland.  I painted this from one of those photos (with permission).  

'New York, New York'
15.5" x6"x 0.5"

My now husband was lucky enough to visit New York (many years before we met!) and took some great photos.  These photos were taken before 9.11 so they contain the ever iconic Twin Towers.  I wanted to capture the beautiful dark and at the same time golden clouds in the background.  This is one of my favorite paintings.

'Worthing Pier'
8" x8"x 1"

As previously mentioned, I studied at university in Worthing.  I have hundreds of photos from my two years there!  I spent as much time as I could on the beach and I painted this canvas as a reminder of my time there.  I'm sure over the years I will paint many more pictures of the Worthing and Brighton area!

'Favorite Things'
8" x8" x0.5"

This is another 'one off' in my collection.  I wanted to explore texture and color and ways to blend them together while at the same time, keeping them separate.  I really enjoyed painting this using some of my favorite colors.

'Blue Skies'
8" x8" x1"
This is one of my first sea-scapes.  I wanted to capture the never ending blue as well as the happiness and tranquility of looking out over the sea.

'Tropical Paradise'
9.5" x7" x1.5"

This is another small piece but one I really enjoyed painting (as well as looking at!).  I wanted to do something different from my usual blue sea and sky.

'Beach Shade'
15.5" x11.5" x1.5"

This is another experimental piece.  I wanted to create a bold, ultra-bright sea-scape.  I wanted to get an almost cartoon element into this piece.  It was fun to do something in a different style!

'C-17A Globemaster III - Royal Air Force'
24" x12"x 1"

We visited the 2013 Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford.  My husband took LOADS of photos!  But this one particularly captured my attention and it isn't something I have ever chosen to paint before!  But there was something about how striking and imposing this plane looked siting on the runway.  (It was flown by 99 Squadron).

'Liberty Stands Tall'
16" x12" x0.5"

This is taken from another of my husbands photos of his New York trip.  I wanted to capture something very American (hence my choice of colors).  I wanted a bold piece to represent the defiance and attitude of the American people in the face of adversity.

'Tower Bridge'
9.5" x9.5" x1.5"

This is another experimental piece, this time of London's iconic Tower Bridge.  I have visited London a number of times and like Brighton it is one of my favorite places to spend time.